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Q) I was charged Rs 4500 for my weekend trip, when I hired a cab. Doubtful? Did you feel CHEATED the last time you took a cab hire on a holiday?

Q) I am planning a weekend trip to few places nearby. I need to know how much it would cost if I take a hatchback? can I afford for a comfortable sedan?

Q) I want to better car rental planner so that I can easily optimize my car trip and plan maximum locations before hand and see the extra cost associated.

A) CarRentalin is a FREE service that answers all the above questions, provides you with estimated taxi rental, before you actually travel. CarRentalin considers minimum daily KM and driver daily cost ('Driver Batta'). To add transperancy to the taxi hire calculations; CarRentalin also gives you a detailed exact route map!

When we go for a car hire, we have to pay the car rent based on the the KMs travelled into the odometer of the car. Sometimes "car odometer KMs" travelled are more than the actual distance. CarRentalin presents a full fledged car rent calculator to help you know what you should be paying for!

*Note that we only provide an approximate ESTIMATE, although the accurary of our car rental calcuations tends to be very high!

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